Oz Unity

The Oz Unity Remix Project is a project created to facilitate an easy transition to the world of Linux. It was first created 1st January 2000 with the intention of simplifying the Linux environment for new adoptees. It is built upon Canonicals Ububtu (c) system with additional codecs, themes, updates and applications which are normally required or requested by new users.

There are currently 3 founding participants in the remix project with an additional 20+ members who provide content, logistics and support services. The project has gained worldwide coverage in the Linux community after they were accepted on Distrowatch (c) in August 2012. With a current download base of over 4,000, it is a growing community which working within the 'Ubuntu philosophies', intends to continue to grow and provide help and support to all who require it.

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Diamond II-B is the latest release of Oz Unity. The base for Diamond II-B is Ubuntu 13.04. Sticking to the traditions of the other Oz Unity releases Diamond II-B will use the same themes and many of the same programs.

Diamond II-B is based on Canonicals Ubuntu 13.04 Linux distribution. The default kernel is the 3.8.0 vanilla kernel. For users that want to use exotic kernels, there are many tutorials that explain how to install the liqourix, Con Kolivas and many other types of kernels. These tutorials can be found on the Oz Unity forums.

Diamond II-B will continue to use Canonicals Unity desktop as the default environment. Gnome fallback and XBMC will also be included. With the latest set backs with the Compiz Window manager Oz Unity still provides some of the best window decorations and desktop settings that are expected by many users.

Previous releases: