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Ultimate Edition is an Ubuntu remix project created in 2006. The goal of the project is to create and distribute an amazing Linux operating system that anyone can use. Ultimate Edition uses custom themes and tweaks to make it a unique system that no one can match. The creator of Ultimate Edition, who goes by the user name TheeMahn, creates and maintains the operating system in his free time. Along with Ultimate Edition, TheeMahn also has a custom software repository that is automatically used with all versions of Ultimate Edition. The forums provide free support for the users of Ultimate Edition and also provide help to TheeMahn whenever they can.

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Ultimate Edition 3.5.1 is the newest version. This release includes multiple environments like KDE, Mate, and more. Ultimate Edition comes preinstalled with all the needed compilling tools like gcc, make, binutils and more. As well as build tools, Ultimate Edition includes drivers for Broadcom wireless devices, and is compatible with Nvidia GTX 770 and 780.

Just like Ubuntu, Ultimate Edition is compatible with the newest CPU chips like Intel's Haswell and AMD's Piledriver. Along with the included Desktop Environments, Ultimate Edition is setup for easy installation of environments like Awesome, TWM, XFCE, and others. Ultimate Edition is loaded with lots of programs including Ultimate Player which is a custom remake of Clementine player.

One of the goals of Ultimate Edition is to give some of the best Eye-candy to its users. This has been, and always will be a major factor in the development of new releases.

Ultimate Edition also includes a custom software repository. This repository includes many programs in a more compatible, worry free version.

Ultimate Edition has a support forums as well as an IRC channel on freenode. #UltimateEdition